Once in a lifetime Teatime Stories Series

Once in a lifetime Teatime Stories Series by seasidecollectibles 

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@vegetarian-wolf is Victor – an artist & collector that has the gift of visual self expression – over washing you with wonderment – poking at your curiosity – tying the most simple of items to your heart strings. It is a gift worth re-visiting. Time after time – for inspiration and treasures. Victor’s shop: LArriereBoutique on etsy

Winning 1st place in Polyvore’s #etsyevolution group Boho Themed Contest,
Victor’s set embodies the feeling and mood of the era. We love it.


This is a little insight on how Victor shares & creates.
In his own words …

“I have the chance to live in the south of France, surrounded by old stones and antiques, small villages where you can feel the soul of each house and where every street has got a story to tell.
I grew up in one of those villages, wandering around freely, hiding in tiny city gardens and steeling cherries on trees.
Sometimes my father would take me out to draw the fortifications, we would sit on the ground near one of the doors and he would teach me geometrical shapes and perspectives. I still like to draw when I get some time.

French Wooden Shoe Tree – Pair of Vintage Shoetrees – 1950 French Rust

Back in those days I was already a collector. I could imagine a new life to every broken object I would find and this passion never left me. Nowadays, apart from my vintage shop, I love to buy broken objects and toys on flea markets, and I sometimes create little art collage with all my treasures which I share on my Instagram account (www.instagram.com/the_vegetarian_wolf/).

@the_vegetarian_wolf on Instagram

This passion shows in the way I take photos of my items on LarriereBoutique. I guess I am a kind of story-teller in my own way.

I used to write few years ago, short stories and poems for kids, but always dark and cruel ones. My home looks like it’s Halloween every day and one of my favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe.

French Classic Horace by Corneille
French Classic Horace by Corneille – High School Student Book – 17th Century French Literature – Famous French Author Collectible Play

I am a cynical person most of the time and in most of my sets on Polyvore – I like to dig into hidden feelings because our pains make our humanity.
But I also like to seek for quiet moments filled with love and light (I create the sets for the Fresh Ones here : thefreshones.polyvore.com).

I really enjoy creating sets on Polyvore, I was sad about the disappearance of the Etsy Treasuries and I have to say that Polyvore gives us more liberty to create art sets. I always start my sets with one photo, not knowing where it will lead me to. The result depends a lot on what song I am listening to at the very same moment.”

French Antique Apothecary Bottles – Medicine Glass Container – French Medicine Halloween Decor – Antique French Apothecary Collectible

So, the window opens and then closes.

Visit Victor at his shop, LArriereBoutique  and across social media.
The landscape he creates constantly changes and never ceases to amaze. –pj

GOD’s green






On my first date, he arrived at my door with a nautilus shell instead of sweets & flowers because he knew I missed the ocean. He then drove me to a open air coffee cafe for tea. He was on time. His pocket square popped. I never looked back. I fell in love.