Analysis | Opinion | book review | Issey Miyake by Laurence Benaïm


Issey Miyake by Laurence Benaï
Publisher: Thames and Hudson, Fall 1997.
Vintage First Edition, First Printing. 80 pages.
Fashion photo Index. Chronology.



Benaïm presents the book like an upscale event artfully revealing the layers of fashion influence and innovation that Issey Miyake achieved over a 30 year period.


Miyake’s designs, dating from the late 60s are represented here – in many colors & silhouettes are chronicled in an enchanting mix of modern, contemporary and begs a fresh way of seeing.


Miyake’s cutting edge fashion examples are showcased & revealed by many famous photographers such as Sarah Moon, Yoshinga & Mitsumasa among others.

This book is a little gem. The perfect gift of inspiration for the collector, an artist or budding designer.



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