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@woests by pj 
My name is Anne Miedema. My heart and priority are with selling antiques and extraordinary items and I LOVE history and all types of art.
NOTE: Anne on Polyvore is @woeste
How long have you been selling on etsy?
Next month, June the 23th [2017] I have the shop two years operational. Congrats, Anne!
 1st place Winner of the Flowers & Blooms Contest
How did you find Polyvore?
I was introduced by another etsy shop owner that featured one of my items in a set.
What do you like about it?
I find it relaxing and I love to search the shops for interesting items and combine them in a set. I like it so much that is sometimes can build on a set hours and hours without even looking at the clock. Just love it 🙂
Where do you live and what trends are big there?
I live in the Netherlands in a town called Spankeren, a tiny village near the city of Arnhem known for Operation Market Garden during WW2.
woeste4_ Spankeren_Castle of the Gelderse Toren
Did you like school growing up?
I didn’t like school that much and always did my best to skip as much classes as I could, and I’m not very proud on that 😉 But my interest in history and art is probably a genetic thing.
My father used to work in a art gallery where I as a child have spent lot’s of time and even though it wasn’t the art i cared much for, but still learned soon enough to appreciate it and as I grew older my curiosity to all the different kind of styles in art grew bigger and bigger and is growing ever since.
I can’t say there is a trend that really pops out but what you see most around here are rustique and romance style, fifties style and also lots of industrial.
Can you look at a dirty vintage piece and see potential?
I certainly can! Most people think I am a absolute crazy person if I come home again with … in their eyes – a piece of junk. But if I may say so, I am kinda good in what i do, we’ll see, actually. Most of my little junk pieces always end up being real treasures. In fact, the reason I sell lot’s of brass is a good example of junkyard searching.
I often go to a metal recycle company not very far from my home. It is a real men business where only big guys with very muscular arms work (lucky me) and in the beginning the guys where kinda surprised when they saw a few legs with high heels hanging out of one of the “junk” containers. And that legs would be mine, because yes I do climb into containers that are filled with all kind of copper stuff that unfortunately is waiting to be melted.
And you won’t believe what I find in those containers! Antique candelabras, kettles, vases… you name it! And therefore it is worth all the dirt and sometimes minor injuries.
It is one of my favorite treasure places and I have it all for my own since nobody else ever came their to ask if they could climb the containers, pay the copper price and take some goodies. 🙂
How did you learn about antique restoration?  Do you enjoy doing all that hard work?
I learned it by just doing it and by making a whole lots of mistakes while processing and by learning from books. I still learn new things and I still make mistakes from time to time but that is all in the game and yes I guess I do enjoy that kind of jobs. It isn’t a clean process and it sometimes can take for hours and hours and also comes with a lot of muscle ache but then again it is a good workout as well so I don’t need to go to the gym!
Describe your personal sense of style.
I love it all 🙂 as long it isn’t the usual. I can easily fall in love with a product if I sense that the one who made or owned it had put a lot of passion into it. I am a sucker for historic facts so each good story will do the trick.I do sometimes some modelling sessions where I get to be dressed up in the most beautiful vintage clothings and in the most breathtaking settings like for example an old railway station.
Besides that I also am a great fan of classic art. I love the work of El Greco and William Turner but also Claude Monet and oh my…. let’s say I love art :). Other styles I really love are rococo, art deco and also (Neo) classical.
19th century antique decorative pewter plate. Decoration plate with angels pewter mark.

What do you like to collect?
Unfortunately I had a few cases of bad luck the last few years so in 2014 along with Woests I had to build up a entire new life and home. But over the two past years I can say I have build up a pretty impressive stamp, pewter and WW2 collection and of course, I keep some other interesting treasures as well but only if I get a special guts feeling with it.

For example, I am the very very proud owner of the love of my life a 1913th typewriter model 10 Smith Premier. Very rare! I found the Smith on a barn auction and bought it, but when I wanted to sell it, I just had to cancel everything because I knew I was going to make a huge mistake by selling it. So I kept it and I adore the Smith ever since!
What are your hobbies?
Well I have a lot hobbies actually, like swimming, crafting, sewing, dancing, ballet, painting, collecting stamps and the most important one is horseback riding with my horse, Nicky.
How long have you collected stamps? Any certain style, era or region of stamp that you collect? Why?
I collect stamps since I was a little girl and mostly thanks to my grandmother who had a real impressive collection herself and she inspired me.
That was a fun time, I still can remember the afternoons that I was together with my grandmother picking out stamps and just look at all the different types and the beautiful pictures some have printed on them.
Nowadays my collecting era is mostly world war two but no specific region. I am most interested in that era because of my fascination for the time itself and also because it matches my other collection of world war two collectables.
Do you have a favorite brand/designer/artist?
I like so many designers and artists but with brands I think of Nooitgedagt and Daalderop both dutch, well Nooitgedagt was Frisian actually but both brands are very important in the history of dutch products so I guess that makes them on top of my list.

Anne is busy climbing piles and hunting down high & low for priceless treasures – so she was pretty hard to catch! If you want to keep up -Check out her sets on Polyvore (@woeste) and her shop on etsy WOESTS!  Enjoy!


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