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JewlsinBloom Collage by pj at seasidecollectibles

Featured shop. Winner of #etsyevolution Polyvore Contest: Child-like Wonder.

chris15.jpgSpring Meadow~~~Childhood Memory. Created by @jewlsinbloom
“Using Linda Voth’s gorgeous Quilt as a backdrop to
my favorite times growing up in the wonders of the outdoors.”

Chis of Jewlsinbloom on etsy is unassuming, reserve and busy at the enjoyable task of finding wonderful treasures to share with us in her etsy shop!  Here is a little window into her goals, inspiration & passions.

In her own words…

*My Name is Chris AKA Jewlsinbloom on ETSY. Retired RN and Vet Assistant, now avid gardener, Preserve maker and baker. Dog lover and rescue Foster.



1940s Scotty Dog Brush Vintage Syrocco Dog Red Collar Long Bristles 

*I’m trying to make a difference in this world by Organic gardening, Recycling (vintage sales) and Saving Dogs! I try to be grateful and enjoy the little things life shares. Nature is my world.
*I was an Art Minor in College and Polyvore gives me an outlet for those stirrings!
*Usually my inspiration are the Items from my ETSY shop, but I also enjoy
helping other ETSY sellers promote their items!
*Have fun, play, imagine…


Vintage 1960s Pierced Enamel Sunny Yellow Flower Earrings

*I live in MN. Right now we are just celebrating the return of COLORS to our world. Love Floral Prints, bright colors, Red Hair!

*I like so many brands/artists. Tend to go for the natural cottons/bamboo and
Comfy. I pretty much an outside person.
*I’m pretty casual but like to add a punch of Fun…jewelry, socks, prints…and I love Vintage!!! the 40’s & 50’s had such fun pieces! Also LOVE Art Nouveau.


Vintage Bird Brooch Red Rhinestone Eye Victorian Revival Nature Garden JJ Co.
I collect just about anything….jewelry, plants, vintage items, but I’m trying to simplify so most go up for sale.


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