LaughingNabaa #MemberSpotlight @alodo #etsyevolution

It is the journey that you travel where we find inspiration and we then can shed a guiding light on our own path of growth.

@alodo. art and expression by pj
@alodo. an art & expression collage by pj

In her own words.

My name is Anna. I have brown eyes and am shy. I digest life very literally but have a good-sized sparkle too. I can be forgetful about content (conversations, books, movies, facts, pop-culture), but remember emotions.

I like to watch and digest and practice before I try something. I feel connected to trees and plants and I love animals, especially cats. I love love love to play soccer.


I lived in France and Ivory Coast as a child, and across the US as a young adult, and finally settled with my man and eventually our son in Hawaii.

My art has been generally accidental, so I’m not feeling super proud of anything on deviant art, but that’s okay. I’ll answer some of these questions and see how it goes!

milli by Alodo-9
milli by Alodo-9

These years, since my son was born (he just turned 7), I’ve been mostly freelancing, mostly copyediting, some personal organization, some small business administration work.

I very much prefer to work for myself. And since he started school and I’ve had some time to be, I’ve turned back to art.

This started with treasuries on Etsy and has moved to sets on Polyvore (which I discovered through Etsy friends when the site vanished the treasuries).

I have always loved curating and apparently I also love digital collage-making. And now, finally, I’m beginning to go back and back to one of my first loves, drawing. Just stepping out onto that road but I’m excited and ready.

sketchbook: sad by Alodo-9
sketchbook: sad by Alodo-9

I like to research. I read a lot [ed] about things not taught in schools or painted by the media – subjects such as [ed] parenting, respect, gentleness, joy and connection.

I’ve read a lot these days about what a friend time can be with a little persistence, the Tao Te Ching is pretty “spot on” – right? 😀

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
Goals? Always to become a better being. To be as comfortable on my hands as on my feet. To become more graceful and light-footed in soccer with every game. To live in joy and connection with those I care about.

To feel peace, grounding, flow, acceptance wherever whenever. To follow this art road wherever it leads. To continue to live healthily and vibrantly and abundantly…

How has Polyvore affected your life? How did you find Polyvore?
Polyvore (found thru etsy) has been a place of meditation, inspiration, and a practice in balance for me these days.

On the Polyvore site, I enjoy the different contests. I often try to create something that is positive and/or relevant at the time, or something original, or something new to me. I appreciate the comments, loves, sharing, and collections of beautiful art, especially the connection with others.


Tell us about your art & inspiration for the creations ~ @alodo
I search for a less-processed beauty, something primitive (an aesthetic from African or island art), something deep maybe that cuts through, a contrast between, something that isn’t this or that.

I haven’t really worked toward anything in my artistic life yet, not since I was maybe 10. My art to date has mostly been a hope that something accidentally relevant or good will come of me sitting down with paint or charcoal or pen. I’m just starting on the journey of intention. So, cheers to it all :D!

Who is your favorite artist? Hayao Miyazaki


What do you like about Hayao Miyazaki?
His work portrays an incredible lightness of being complemented by a non-vilified darkness of being; good and bad/light and shadow grow and fade together, dance together. His heroes are incredibly courageous, vulnerable, alive, full of life and grit, wise, sweet. His work is incredibly deep and compassionate.

What is your favorite type of art?
Art that resonates with me at the moment, which changes all the time. Asemic writing has caught my eye lately, and other kinds of bold/primitive form/line abstract art.

Thank you, Anna.  pj


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