1006Osage #MemberSpotlight @pheinart #etsyevolution

@pheinart #MemberSpotlight at   #etsyevolution

A chameleon of color, line & form. @pheinart fills her Polyvore sets & shop with thoughtful pleasures. You can assume to find something new with each return visit.

In her own words…

Tell us your name, profession & anything you’d like to share about yourself.
My name is Pam Hein. Besides selling vintage online, I work as a historic preservationist. Most of my preservation work involves research and writing, but my husband and I have also renovated a number of older properties under the name of HEINdesign.

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
As I have gotten older, I find myself living more in the moment. I like to keep myself open to new opportunities and experiences; however, my short term goal is to continue to grow my online business. I would also like to create more, perhaps selling art, or an art product, down the road.

How has Polyvore affected your life?
Well, it has given me an opportunity to express myself creatively. I like that the site is easy to use. Additionally, I have been really impressed with other Polyvorians and the artist skill they exhibit. It has been fun to discover these talented artists! From a business standpoint, Polyvore has been a good way to bring views and attention to my Etsy shop.

How did you find Polyvore?
I always enjoyed making treasuries (curated compositions of Etsy product) when that feature was available on the Etsy site. When the company made the decision to eliminate this feature last fall, many people moved to Polyvore to continue curating. I was one of those people!

How would you describe your set style?
I think I am too new to have a style; I still enjoy experimenting. I don’t really enjoy making fashion sets, as I don’t consider myself a fashion-person. I do love interior design, but find that I enjoy making art sets the most. I would like to be able to loosen up and be more abstract, but I am always fighting something that makes me add very geometric lines and frames to my compositions. Guess, I will have to work on thinking “outside the box.” Like I said, I am still experimenting.

Where do you get your inspiration to create a set?
I enjoy the Polyvore team contests because they usually provide a theme or inspiration item. I don’t always do well with too much choice. If I am doing a set just for the sake of creating, I usually like to start with an image that really appeals to me…maybe the color combination, or the lines.

What are some Polyvore tips you would like to share with the Polyvore community?
If you are a business owner, make sure some of your images are clipped and usable. My shop stats do show that I am getting traffic from Polyvore. As a Polyvore artist, I would just say “have fun and experiment.”


Awakening. Created by @pheinart on Polyvore

Tell us about your etsy shop ~ 1006Osage.
1006 Osage was my paternal grandmother’s address. She lived in a small town in Kansas and was a collector. One of our special bonds was our love of vintage.
I started the store about 4 years ago and have built the inventory to about 500 items. I love Mid Century Modern and Retro decor. I am also a big fan of Danish Modern and simple Scandinavian decor, so these are the types of items I seek and offer for sale.


Art Deco Krome Kraft Tea Pot with Bakelite Handle by Farber Brothers

Where do you live and what trends are big there?
I live in Rockford, Illinois, USA. We are an older manufacturing community in Northern IL, located on the Rock River. My community has struggled with loss of manufacturing jobs and an aging infrastructure, but there is a fantastic creative energy and an incredible array of diversity that can be found here. I think some of our strong suits are local art and a great industrial vibe.


Describe your personal sense of style.
I have very eclectic taste, but would say I tend to like simple compared to ornate. I really like organic materials like clay and wood and am constantly inspired by nature. In my own decorating, I tend to mix items from different time periods and different design styles.

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do you like about that brand?
So, you are talking to a vintage person… but happy to discuss some of my favorite designers. One of my all time favorites is Vera Neumann. She was a mid century graphic designer who made her art readily accessible to the masses through beautiful scarves, linens, and even clothing. Her company is still in existence.
Another mid century designer I really admire is Georges’ Briard. I generally have several items in the shop which he designed.
If we are talking current brands, I am a fan of classic design & quality product. I love Born shoes, Pendleton patterns, and Ann Sacks tiles. These products have already stood the test of time and, for me, continue to relevant.


Adolfo at Saks Red Felt Hat and Hatbox

What do you like to collect?
I collect Japanese stoneware coffee cups from the 70s and 80s. I collect modern art, as well as mid century streetscapes (usually prints). I have a collection of Frankoma dishware I inherited from family members. I also like to buy art tiles. Oh, and I collect vintage ties and scarves.

Thank you, Pam. We can’t wait to see what you do next!  pj at s*c


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