LindaVoth #MemberSpotlight @lvoth #etsyevolution


Polyvore member @lvoth is an incredible artist.

See for yourself! Visit LindaVoth on etsy at:
featuring Girls PDF Patterns, Art Quilts, Kid’s Décor, Storybooks & more!

In her own words:
“I’m enjoying a happy and productive retirement in the Ottawa Valley (that’s in eastern Ontario, Canada) I have worked mainly as a retail decorator, but also spent time in radio as a writer, and in publishing as an editorial assistant.

A few years ago I heard about “Little Dresses for Africa” and started working alongside a Canadian group sending dresses overseas. And so began a journey into dress design and pattern-making. Visiting the fabric store on a regular basis lead to the inspiration to begin sewing art quilts as well. I enjoy writing and painting, and have recently begun writing and illustrating children’s storybooks.

So my Etsy shop, Linda Voth, truly reflects what I love. I’m inspired by nature, children, and the world of imagination. Half of all sales from my shop go to global missions. That is my purpose and goal.

I found out about Polyvore through the [etsy] Flashmob team when Treasuries were coming to an end. It’s a fabulous way to recharge and get inspired. I like to see sets that stand out, depict beauty, and have a positive message.


Morning by lvoth on Polyvore featuring art and #etsyevolution

I have a passion for fine photography, so that is often the starting point for my sets. In my view, sets don’t have to be crowded with a lot of images to be good.

There are so many styles in fashion, décor and art that I like – I’m likely to pick and choose a variety, but simplicity is probably the common denominator. The only things that I have collected over the years are Christmas Nutcrackers.

I’m very grateful to see friends from Etsy keeping old and making new connections on Polyvore. 😀 ” — @lvoth

The textile creation of “Winter Birches”
A Stained Glass Quilted 22″ x 24″ Fabric Art Wall Hanging by Linda Voth on etsy

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