etsy Treasury Artists I’ll Miss

“The word treasury within the Etsy community has it’s own specific meaning and describes a curated selection of 16 items in a mini gallery like setting. People are most familiar with treasuries as they appear on a rotating basis on the front page of the site …As of October 5, you will no longer be able to create new treasuries or edit existing ones.”



(above) Joanne from VintageMaineia “EPSteam says Good Bye to treasuries… Be sure to check out all of these great vintage shops!” 4Oct2016

treasury-vigil-ii copy.png(above) Curated by Betty J. Powell from PlumsandHoney. 21Sep2016.  So talented.

(above) Lovely Together. Curated by Pat from lakesidecottage  Executed with amazing artistry.

(above) Encore Emporium always adds a dash of sheer fun! “Shake that little tush Homer Laughlin laughing duck!”

lets-dive-under-the-sea (1) copy.png(above) Mika Barrfrom mikabarr Let’s Dive Under the Sea 20Sep2016. 


Like a Rocket ….  Going Going gone.


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