Happy Memories of My Mother

Sorting through some boxes I ran across an item that brought back a flood of memories for me.
When I was a little girl, we use to take road trips with the family.
I paid no attention to where we were going because I always had my head in a book.

This particular sunny weekend we were heading past a town called Stuttgart in Germany. After a few turns off the beaten path, we were heading up a gravel road. My mother left the car and we were instructed to stay by the car with our Dad, so we played close by in the surrounding fields. I saw an old grey rickey barn-sided building in front of my Mother has she headed on foot and disappeared up the gravel road.

It was some time – but in my memory I saw her returning with a package. The package was tied with string – she hugged it to her chest as she carefully made her way back to us and …  she was smiling.

Now the smile. In my recollection was the first time i saw that kind of smile on my mother’s face. It was serene, peaceful – like a satisfied napping cat.

I was blessed to see the smile again as an adult when traveling around the world antiquing with her.

This what was in the package. A lead crystal, cut glass covered candy dish. No candy. Just smiles.

Western Germany Lead Cut Crystal Covered Three Footed Candy Dish
Western Germany Lead Cut Crystal Covered Three Footed Candy Dish

We were at a crystal factory in what was then known as Western Germany. And my Mother was a crystal hunter and collector and she that day – had found a treasure.

It’s odd how memories are triggered. I hugged to crystal dish to my chest. Trying to imagine how she felt with her new found treasure.


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