Vintage Housekeeping and Cooking Tea Towels

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Fishinkblog 10067 cookery teatowels 13

For decades designers have thought that it would be a great idea to inspire the cooking housewife in the home, by putting recipes onto tea towels and linens. Imagine the scenario… you completely run out of ideas as to what to make for the family dinner, well worry no more, dust off the tea towel and there’s your answer, ingredients and all ! Of course that doesn’t help you out the next day when you have the same problem all over again, unless that is,  you have a drawer full of these beauties lol

Fishinkblog 10054 cookery teatowels 1

Cooking and washing up go hand in hand, whatever country you happen to be in. You can even be inspired to go global and make a Goulash or Curry as a complete change to the British meat and two vegetables ensemble!

Fishinkblog 10055 cookery teatowels 2

Such was the popularity of the idea, that there were hundreds of variations made.

Fishinkblog 10056 cookery teatowels 3


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