Spring & Summer Trends

Home & Garden

Image by Anouschka Rokebrand
Keep it loose & casual. Let wildflowers –BE WILD.


by juliedunnedesign
EXPLORE the sturdy legs of the Mid Century in furniture & room design.


Home Chat Magazine - 1950s
Entertain some friends. Keep it REAL.
Woodcarver D. Yarbrough
Find the UNIQUE – Start a Collection.


FASHION is looking Up up up.

Hair Accessories - cancanacessorios
SPRUCE IT UP from time to time. Add some drama & color.


Ethnic & Native Sterling & Silver Tone Jewelry
Tons of chunky Jewelry – SPICE IT UP.
Throw out the tube socks.
Add a touch of TEXTURE TOUCH-UP in your clothing or accessories. Sum up the importance of fashion in your own life. What is your fashion identity?
French Braid Re-Mix
Put Your Hair Up. UP-DO
Twist it. Braid it. Roll it. Pin it & Go.


Don't forget the custom made shirts.
Not a fan of the “shrunken suit” look. Go with the single breast, straight leg trouser and rock the POCKET SQUARE & designer watch … Dang …that’s just plain ALPHA & I 💗LOVE it.


Mens Hair Fashions 2015
Men are rocking the fashion industry – outspending women 3:1 It’s an exciting AGE OF DISCOVERY for men in fashion. I cannot wait to see what’s next.



Read A Book.
Read A Book. A real book. One that had a cover with pages. Any book. Pick it up, open it and dive in. Do this in public. It’s like having a cute puppy on a leash.
Relax & Color
Relax and Color within the lines.
Any colors you’d like.
A quiet meditation and relaxation exercise for your brain.
Stevie Wonder
Frame an LP & hang it up. The artwork is outstanding & lasting.
When you look at it, it will make you smile!
Walk in the Garden.
Walk in the Garden. Enjoy the natural beauty of nature around you. We are all connected.

Thank you.

Enjoy your Spring & Summer seasons!




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