David Bailey

David Bailey (David Royston Bailey, CBE )
Photographer, writer, painter.  [b. 2 January 1938 -] Leytonstone, London, England.

David Bailey changed the direction of fashion and portrait photography. Forever.


“In 1960, David Bailey began photographing for British Vogue, and his fashion work and celebrity portraiture, known for stark backgrounds and dramatic lighting effects, transformed British fashion and celebrity photography. His work reflects the 1960s British cultural trend of breaking down antiquated and rigid class barriers by injecting a ‘punk’ look into both clothing and artistic products.” –B

Michael Caine by David Bailey
Michael Caine by David Bailey

CNN 2006 interview with David Bailey
CCN: How would you describe your relationship with London?

DB: If it was a woman, it’d be a great mistress because it’s full of mystery. You never come to the end of London — I still go down streets and roads and avenues that I’ve never been down before, which is fantastic. I’ve probably been down every street in New York but in London you’re always finding things. If you’re curious, London’s an amazing place.

“David Bailey’s name is synonymous with the Swinging 1960s, when fashion photography became big business, and the person behind the camera had the ability to become as famous as the celebrities who posed for them.

John Lennon by David Bailey
John Lennon by David Bailey

And Bailey was the most famous of them all–the East-End boy who became best friends with the Beatles and the Stones, the lover of actress Catherine Deneuve and model Jean Shrimpton, while chronicling them all in a series of unmistakable, unforgettable shots …

Portrait by David Bailey
Portrait by David Bailey

The result is a treasure-trove of images from one of the most exciting periods in the 20th century, when the cult of youth, fame and glamor was worshiped and–in this case–most beautifully recorded. ”


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