Style at Any Age

We call this collection Sophia. Women on the other side of the century should to be proud of their bodies and we want them to celebrate their personal sense of style.


This collection is for the 30 something or so set. Innovative. creative. New blooms.  Live it up!

30 Something

This set is for those young at heart and are  still finding their way. Some are lucky to know their paths and some are just creating it- brick by brick..

New DAy


visiting the 2015 color trends

Sea foam green verdigris green mint with accents skimming the hot tones of copper red burnt orange.

Here is a vintage & vintage inspired sampling for you.
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This collection is named:  the morning Abyss

David Bailey

David Bailey (David Royston Bailey, CBE )
Photographer, writer, painter.  [b. 2 January 1938 -] Leytonstone, London, England.

David Bailey changed the direction of fashion and portrait photography. Forever.


“In 1960, David Bailey began photographing for British Vogue, and his fashion work and celebrity portraiture, known for stark backgrounds and dramatic lighting effects, transformed British fashion and celebrity photography. His work reflects the 1960s British cultural trend of breaking down antiquated and rigid class barriers by injecting a ‘punk’ look into both clothing and artistic products.” –B

Michael Caine by David Bailey
Michael Caine by David Bailey

CNN 2006 interview with David Bailey
CCN: How would you describe your relationship with London?

DB: If it was a woman, it’d be a great mistress because it’s full of mystery. You never come to the end of London — I still go down streets and roads and avenues that I’ve never been down before, which is fantastic. I’ve probably been down every street in New York but in London you’re always finding things. If you’re curious, London’s an amazing place.

“David Bailey’s name is synonymous with the Swinging 1960s, when fashion photography became big business, and the person behind the camera had the ability to become as famous as the celebrities who posed for them.

John Lennon by David Bailey
John Lennon by David Bailey

And Bailey was the most famous of them all–the East-End boy who became best friends with the Beatles and the Stones, the lover of actress Catherine Deneuve and model Jean Shrimpton, while chronicling them all in a series of unmistakable, unforgettable shots …

Portrait by David Bailey
Portrait by David Bailey

The result is a treasure-trove of images from one of the most exciting periods in the 20th century, when the cult of youth, fame and glamor was worshiped and–in this case–most beautifully recorded. ”

What is Retro style?

posted by the VINTAGE VOGUE TEAM

What is Retro style?

Retro style refers to new things that display characteristics of the past. It is mostly the recent past that retro seeks to recapitulate, focusing on the products, fashions and artistic styles produced since the Industrial Revolution, of Modernity. The word “retro” derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning “backwards, or in past times”

 Up until the 1960s, interiors were decorated with antiques. During the 1960s in London shops started selling pieces of second hand furniture. These shops were different from the previous antique shops because they sold daily life objects from the recent past. These objects used to be seen as junk: Victorian enamel signs, stuffed bears, old furniture painted with union jacks, bowler hats etc. A new way of producing and consuming the past emerged and a broader range of objects from the recent past was used for new designs.
Before the word ‘retro’ came into use in the 1970s, the practise of adopting old styles for new designs was already common. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, designers borrowed from the past, for example classicistic style.The difference is that since the 1960s people started to refer to the recent past.
In the 1980s design history emerged as a discipline and several histories of design were published. The access to these overviews and the ability to experiment with computer design programs has caused an increase of retro designed objects in the last decades.

vintagepaige ~ 1960s McCalls 5417 Misses and Junior Dress Pattern Size 11
vintagepaige ~ 1960s McCalls 5417 Misses and Jr Dress Pattern SZ11 BUY:

Blog post is presented by Anat R from Underlyingsimplicity

Riding the Trends – 1970 meets 2015

Riding the Trends 1970 meets 2015
Riding the Trends – 1970 meets 2015

The subtle, cool hand touches of the 1970s are back for 2015. In fashion, it’s all about subtle retro lapel shapes, juxtaposing color combinations and oodles of denim. These 1970s trends don’t stop with fashion but also flow into the home.

Check out our 2015 – 1970s Mash- Up. It features a SPRING ’15 runway fashion model and a Papi-Poo (Papillon and the Poodle mix). Enjoy!

1. PastEncounters ~ Nina Ricci 70s black rhinestone brooch

2. retroricks ~ 1970 Panasonic R70 Yellow Panapet Transistor AM Radio

3. XcapeVintage ~ 70s Charles Hollis Jones Lucite Rocking Chair

4. judygovintage ~ 70s Hanging Wicker Lamp

5. VintageMeetModern ~ Christian Dior Logo Jet Setter Suitcase

6. ScarletFury ~ 70s Woven Leather Pumps with Wood Heels

7. Vintagietta ~ Guilliani Gallieni Brown Felt Men’s Hat

Riding the Trends 1970 meets 2015
Riding the Trends 1970 meets 2015

What’s Up with Alice?

I Love Alice and I don’t know why. I think it is the nonsense of it. As an adult, it seems that every aspect of life needs to be organized. Alice releases me from this obligation with its whimsical fun.

Stuff I found.
“The notion that the surreal aspects of the text are the consequence of drug-fueled dreams resonates with a culture, particularly perhaps in the 60s, 70s and 80s when LSD was widely-circulated and even now where recreational drugs are commonplace,” says Dr Heather Worthington, Children’s Literature lecturer at Cardiff University.

QuaintCollector ~ Lord Nelson China Tea Cup and Saucer Bone China
QuaintCollector ~ Lord Nelson China Tea Cup and Saucer Bone China

“People interpret books in a logical way as they do dreams. They want it to have meaning. Alice in Wonderland is not to be read as a logical book. There could be some hidden meanings in there, especially considering Carroll was a mathematician during his lifetime, whether he was aware of such meanings subconsciously or not.”

Ultimately, perhaps it’s more enjoyable for the full intentions of the author to remain unknown during the reading of the book.

“In a way, it doesn’t matter,” says Browne. “I don’t think Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland to be interpreted. He wrote it to entertain.” — Anthony Browne – children’s book writer illustrator [BBC]

Alice in Wonderland editorial by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair
Alice in Wonderland editorial by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair

Nonce and nonsense
Carroll’s Jabberwocky is one of the great nonsense poems in English, scattered with so-called “nonce” words – coined for one occasion only:

Bandersnatch: fictional wild animal
Brillig: Humpty Dumpty explains this as “four o’clock in the afternoon – the time when you begin broiling things for dinner”
Chortled: mixture of chuckle and snort
Mimsy: A combination of flimsy and miserable
Snickersnack: possibly related to large knife, the snickersnee

Here are some ALICE themed finds. They involve encouragement, omelets, inspiration, summer’s pudding and of course …mad skills. Enjoy!

① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ Ⓐ Ⓑ Ⓒ Ⓓ Ⓔ Ⓕ Ⓖ Ⓗ Ⓘ Ⓙ Ⓚ Ⓛ Ⓜ Ⓟ is for pudding time.

I think we should have a nosh with our reading & Alice research …


Easy Summer Pudding
Prep: 20 mins
Cook: 10 mins
Plus Chilling

300g strawberries
250g blackberries
100g red currants
500g raspberries
OR 1¼kg/2lb 12oz mixed berries and currants of your choice
175g golden caster sugar
7 slices day-old white bread, from a square, medium-cut loaf

1. Bring out the juices: Wash fruit and gently dry on kitchen paper – keep strawberries separate. Put sugar and 3 tbsp water into a large pan. Gently heat until sugar dissolves – stir a few times. Bring to a boil for 1 min, then tip in the fruit (not strawberries). Cook for 3 mins over a low heat, stirring 2-3 times. The fruit will be softened, mostly intact and surrounded by dark red juice. Put a sieve over a bowl and tip in the fruit and juice.

2. Prepare the bread: Line the 1.25 litre basin with cling film as this will help you to turn out the pudding. overlap two pieces in the middle of the bowl as it’s easier than trying to get one sheet to stick to all of the curves. Let the edges overhang by about 15cm. Cut the crusts off the bread. Cut 4 pieces of bread in half, a little on an angle, to give 2 lopsided rectangles per piece. Cut 2 slices into 4 triangles each and leave the final piece whole.

3. Build the pud: Dip the whole piece of bread into the juice for a few secs just to coat. Push this into the bottom of the basin. Now dip the wonky rectangular pieces one at a time and press around the basin’s sides so that they fit together neatly, alternately placing wide and narrow ends up. If you can’t quite fit the last piece of bread in it doesn’t matter, just trim into a triangle, dip in juice and slot in. Now spoon in the softened fruit, adding the strawberries here and there as you go.

4. Let flavors mingle then serve: Dip the bread triangles in juice and place on top – trim off overhang with scissors. Keep leftover juice for later. Bring cling film up and loosely seal. Put a side plate on top and weight down with cans. Chill for 6 hrs or overnight. To serve, open out cling film then put a serving plate upside-down on top and flip over. serve with leftover juice, any extra berries and cream.  –BBCGF

Gifted Artist Series

Juliya Grin from BeautyandNatural uses earth tones, pulling this eclectic Treasury together giving it one voice. Delightful.

Natural Gift Treasury
Natural Gift Treasury

HopscotchCouture ~ Elegant Steampunk Crown Royal Head Piece

seasidecollectibles ~ Antique 1890 Japanese Eggshell Tea Cup and Saucer

BeautyandNatural ~ Real Botanical Moss Drop Earrings Set in Resin