How to Optimize an etsy Treasury


Treasuries are a promotional tool available at which can increase your shop visibility and thus translate into sales. Here are some tips that can help make an etsy treasury work for you. “T” is short for Treasury.

1. If you are a buyer: Search the Ts at for the most trendy items on etsy. Search by color, item name, style (i.e. vintage, modernist) or by an etsy team name.

If you are a seller: This list of tips is much longer. Hold onto your hats.

Etsy no longer hand-picks the treasuries. Instead, they now use a point system to determine if a T makes it to the frontpage (FP). The time frame for the points is 5 hours. In other words, after 5 hours, you’ll start to see the T slip in rank unless we keep up “the push.”

Every Treasury starts out with 2000 points.
Below are the points needed to make it to the cited pages.

Front Page = Approximately 5000-6000 points.
Second page = Approximately 2500-3000 points.

How do we earn points?
Viewing = 1 point
Clicking = 0.75 points
Commenting = 2 points

The RE-FAV METHOD – Optimizing Hearts
Go to the item and unfave all those you have already faved. Go back through and fave all.

✫ All That CLICKING COUNTS – Optimizing Views
Open the shop page or T. Now hold down the CTRL/CMD key and click on the first item you want with the CTRL/CMD key held down too. You’ve have just opened a second tab at the top of your page – one with the shop and one with the new item. Now hold down the CTRL/CMD key and click on the rest of the items – Depending on your computer you pay get 12-14 tabs to open or you may have to do in bunches.
Leave these tabs open for at least 15 seconds each for it to register for the Google Search and for higher searches and more appearing on the Activity Feed for Etsy.

♥ FAVOR – This is when you click on the little heart for the treasury itself. This means that the *treasury* has been favored and will pass through the activity feed of your followers.
COMMENT – This is pretty self-explanatory. This is when you leave a comment regarding the treasury.
CLICK – This is when you “click” on the individual listings within the treasury. It is either a click on the heart to favor the listing or a ctrl+click (holding the control button down at the same time you click on the individual listing to open it in a tab.
Did you know that you can add up points in the treasury by clicking up to 30 times? We can click on individual listings in each treasury (either by heart or ctrl+click) up to 30 TIMES!
But…there is a cool-off period for clicks. There is a 4-5 hour period before our clicks will count again. In fact, if we click again before that time, it will actually subtract points and the T could slip in ranking.
We can “view” a treasury every 45 minutes for it to count points as a view.
If you are a curator and comment you lose .01 points for each comment. This may not seem like a lot but if you have the same score as another treasury, you are the one bumped down. We also don’t know how it may affect your treasury after 5 hours. SO, DO NOT COMMENT ON YOUR OWN TREASURY!

If you are featured in a T, only one of your comments counts as 2 points. After that you get no points…even if you log in as a different shop. You are wasting your time to comment with other shops you may have. [Note:This has been disputed and remains unconfirmed.]

If you are NOT the curator or featured, you may comment multiple times and each comment counts as 2 points!

It has also been said on some threads that comments with only 1 or 2 words does not count for points. I haven’t been able to verify this, but it may be true. So just to be on the safe side leave a comment of at least 4 words…i.e., FANTASTIC T! GREAT JOB!

A CTRL/CMD+click procedure for treasuries.–CTRL/CMD+click on all the items in the treasury (16+14) and then click all the listing hearts in the treasuries.This gives all the other browsers time to adequately open up so then you can just go through and close them – you’re done!

1. Do not comment on the treasury you curated.(0.1 point deducted)
2. Leave only one comment on the treasury in which you are featured (only one comment is counted as 2 points). Your comment should have at least 4 words
3. Leave as many comments as possible to the treasuries where you are NOT featured or NOT curated by you. In this case, every comment is counted as 2 points.
4. Heart (reheart) all the 16 items,. But if you wish to promote the treasury, also power/click 14 to make the total of 30 clicks.Curators may do this for their treasuries as well.
5. Continue to favor the Treasury itself.
6. Promote a treasury within 5 hours after notification for maximum points.


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